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  • Seniors on the Go: Some new information sources

I’ve recently come across a few online sources that you might find of interest. One is new; the others are just new to me…more

  • Seniors on the Go: Hotel loyalty program payouts

Frequent flyer programs almost always generate a lot of controversy and complaints, along with a lot of ink and pixels; hotel programs not so much. And that may seem a bit odd, given that typical hotel frequent-stay loyalty programs are often easier to use and more rewarding. Fortunately, our good friends at IdeaWorks just published a detailed study of the payback offered by what it calls the four “leading” global hotel systems…more

  • Seniors on the Go: New Zealand for seniors: Getting around

New Zealand is a fantastic destination for travelers of any age — and especially for seniors. Traveling as a senior myself, I just returned from a great two-week exploration. You have three reasons to justify going that far for a trip: Fantastic scenery, great people and reasonable accommodations and meals costs. I don’t need to go into details; for that, get a good guidebook. The main challenge is transportation, both getting there and getting around once you’re there….more

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